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Deadpool News!

Man, speaking of FANGIRLS, I am such a bad Deadpool FANGIRL, because I had some fun info like, two weeks ago and didn't even realize it might be new info, so didn't post about it. DURR. So now, The Deadpool Bugle has beat me to the announcement of most of it, since Joe Quesada has now revealed a few pages of interior art from the first issue of the new Deadpool series (out Sept. 3, writing by Daniel Way (hrm.), art by Paco Medina (YAY!)).

Anyway, when I was at Hole in the Wall Books a couple of weekends ago, I wanted to confirm the release date for the first issue of the new series. So the woman who runs the place handed over the Marvel Preview book (and OMG, I never realized they did that, but those things are awesome - you can see the preview art for everything!) and not only did it confirm that the first issue will be released Sept. 3 (for $3.99, gah!) but it also appeared (if I was reading it right) to say Issue #2 would also be out then (for $2.99). That's what it seemed to be saying, at least. I don't know why they'd release 2 issues in one month, so maybe I was mistaken, but...hm.

Anyway, it also had those three pages of art, which I showed to Dave, who said, "That looks a lot like the Phillie Phanatic. (Dave is a Phillies Phan.) Which it totally does, although the colors are wrong. I am loving the art. I just hope Way can live up to it.

OK. Now I feel like a good FANGIRL, for having posted that.

P.S. eeknight is joining me in the campaign to use the word FANGIRL a lot. Hee.

P.P.S. I think we need FANGIRL icons. Anyone know how to do that font that looks like a red rubber stamp with a square around it? I'd love to have a FANGIRL stamp over a bunch of images of fannish things I love.

P.P.P.S. While I was at Jay and Silent Bob's last weekend, I read through Cable #1 and #5, and I have to say, they were...enjoyable, but not fantastic. I really, really miss the interactions between Cable and Deadpool, because they made Cable so much more likeable. (Or maybe it was just Nicieza's writing, because he is awesome, but whatever.)

I think that article I linked last entry really hit the nail on the head when they referred to the pairing of "straight-laced" Cable with zany Deadpool. That's why the pairing works so well - without Deadpool, Cable is too straight-laced, which, translated, means serious and boring and by-the-book. But when he was with Deadpool, he was sometimes forced into situations that took him out of his comfort zone, and also allowed to exhibit a wry sense of humor (very different than Deadpool's but appealing) that made him more human. I think the only other time I've seen Cable exhibit that much of his sense of humor was in that X-Force & Cable (I think it was) annual where the green dude wanted Cable to take and train his slacker kids. THAT was a fun Cable issue, but they don't happen often. It pains me, because I love Cable due to the C&DP run, so I like reading the new series but just keep craving the hidden fun part of Cable that's in there somewhere. And I think he really needs Deadpool for that.

And look at me analyzing the dude like he's real. I'm such a FANGIRL.
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