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Deadpool: Weapon Chapter List

For ease of reading (and ease of writing so I can flip through my past chapters as I write), here's a chapter list for my Deadpool fic.

Also, here's a short summary of the character by me, and his Wikipedia entry for more info.

Weapon, Part I: The Devil

Chapter 1: One foot in front of the other

Chapter 2: I forget which came first; the bad idea or me befallen by it

Chapter 3: If God gave you a voice, then use it

Chapter 4: And the gun it lies next to me, whispering, whispering

Chapter 5: Ain’t it so weird how it makes you a weapon?

Chapter 6: It's amazing what velocity can do when human beings are in season


Chapter titles are from Matthew Good and Matthew Good Band songs.
Tags: comics, deadpool, deadpool: weapon, fanfic, the internet iz serius biznes

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