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Playing with Wordle iz fun.

I've been having way too much fun with Wordle, which creates "word clouds" out of text pasted into the leetle box.

First, because I wanted to see whether I mentioned Deadpool or Deathstroke more in Weapon Chapter 6, I did a Chapter 6 word cloud. And it came out looking totally cool. Bonus points because they have a color set that's mostly red and black. W00t.

Naturally I couldn't stop THERE. How could I leave Wordle before seeing what Weird Al's Angry White Boy Polka looked like?

Or LOLCat Bible John 6 ("Jebus giveh cheezburgerz to 5K").

And, just for cleolinda, a choice snippet of Twilight Chapter 13. (Edward...glistening...sparkled! If I had the whole chapter it would probably be even more ridiculously silly.)

This thing is awesome.


I've been having lots of fun lately, what with the recent vacation and friends in town, but I'm going to do a separate entry on that due to picture-intensiveness. *g*


And now, in linkspam, mainly via our good Cleo:

Eustace Clarence Scrubb cast in Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
I approve. He looks right for the part and sounds like a fun and intelligent kid.

(And, apropros of nothing, gratuitous shot of Edmund the Just Badass. Skandar Keynes rocks.)

In other movie news, Will Christian Bale be Robin Hood?
OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I finally watched American Psycho (with Dave and Jeremy) last night, and was reminded once again how talented and gorgeous great CB is. Plz to have more CB moviez now. (Esp. more where he is in some sort of heroic role, as opposed to complete psycho role, although the movie was quite good and gratuitous naked CB is A-OK with me.)

Silver Surfer not getting the green light?
You know, the Silver Surfer is a cool idea and/or plot device, but he's never really appealed to me as a main character. Of course, I never saw Fantastic Four 2, so maybe he was more interesting on screen than in the comics, but...well, anyway. There are other comic book movies I'd rather see made. (OMG how fantastic would a Cable & Deadpool movie be???)

Will Atlas Shrugged ever be a movie?
I love the book, but man, I can see why trying to make it into a movie could be daunting. Talk about mammoth texts with a lot of nuanced plot to get through. Whew.

More movie news: Wanted's McAvoy faced danger.
Um...why haven't I heard of this movie? Seriously, how did I completely miss it? Anyway, McAvoy is cool.

And finally, LOOOK. Watchmen action figures from DC and others.
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