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I spam, you spam, we all spam with linkspam!

I swear I'll get around to substantive posts one of these days. Although not today, because Jeremy is coming to visit from out of town for the weekend and I will be busy.

Anyway, LINKS!

First off, if, like me, you've been craving some good Iron Man icons, try lay_of_luthien, likefluffy, lasamy, and circa77 for some Tony Stark/RDJr. awesomeness.

Speaking of Iron Man: article on Iron Man set design. Particularly focusing on the work-garage. So fun! Because I'm nerdy like that.

In other comic-y things: newest I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC Parody (Hulk and Batman).

Oh, and in other RDJr. things, Tropic Thunder hilarity.

And more movie stuff - the world of Harry Potter will never end: A Harry Potter mini-movie? All signs point to...maybe.

And also, Gadgets in Get Smart exist. Some of them, at least. Like the tooth radio. Hee.

In TV things, even though I am a bit behind on LOST, this was a great read: Top 30 WTF? Moments on LOST (Warning, spoilers ahead.)

Next, Photobasement: this site has...interesting...photos.

Completely unrelated, I am vindicated: NAPS ARE NOT EVIL. How to Nap. I am an OWL.

Next up, Jon Stewart with awesome "Baracknophobia" commentary:
The sickness manifests itself as rumor, most often in the form of the only email your grandmother has ever successfully been able to forward. (Although in fairness, my grandmother also forwards things with puppies and kitties on a fairly regular basis.)

and finally.

Wordle: create your own 'word cloud'.


ETA: Thanks to The Deadpool Bugle - Deadpool solo series first issue will be released Sept. 3. For FOUR DOLLARS ZOMG. I am going to have to start selling plasma or something. *faints*
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