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Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh linksssssspam!

I have two Meaningful Entries in the works right now (1 = Vacation Recap! Now, with pictures! and 2 = Deadpool: Weapon, Chapter 6, which is Mostly Done) but right now...linky-link!

Read the 800 word prequel to Harry Potter.
Also, Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and others wrote 800-word stories.

Dooce: The Three Best Bits of Relationship Advice I Have Ever Been Given

Via The Deadpool Bugle: Deadpool Team-Up will be collected in Secret Wars II Omnibus.
I really liked that issue - it was fun and had some interesting Wade backstory. Always a plus.

And speaking of Deadpool: OMG, the toys! The toysssssss!
I kinda totally want that T-Ray. Also, Deadpool with Thor wings. Also X-Man Deadpool.

...Also Weapon X Deadpool.

Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy Unveiled?
Will people kill me if I say he looks a bit like a pansy?

Let's observe a moment of silence for Mike Myers' sense of humor
Raise your hand if you wanted to throw things at the screen when you saw the trailer for the terrible new Myers movie I can't even remember the name of.

Ledger's family to attend new Batman premiere.
When I saw the trailer before Iron Man, I almost felt guilty for being so excited - but I'm sure Heath Ledger would want us to be excited. I'm glad his family will be going.

J.K. Rowling on the power of failure
Just get right back on that horse, folks.

Jon Favreau might not direct Iron Man 2
I can't believe Marvel would be that nuts. I mean, Iron Man was FREAKIN' AWESOME. One of the best comic-based movies ever, IMO. It's making them a mint. If they have to pay the guy a (reasonable) bit more for the next one, well, shoot. DO IT. Just give us a sequel as kick-ass as the first one.

Will Hancock ruin Iron Man 2?
Interesting - I could definitely see similarities between Hancock and the Demon in a Bottle Iron Man storyline.

Speaking of demons: FAQ: So you have a demon...

John Scalzi with a scathing commentary on Fox News calling Michelle Obama Barack's "baby mama"
(Oh no they di'int!) Seriously, read it, it's awesome AND makes excellent points.

A Little Family Spat Plays Itself Out in the Amazon Reviews
Reading this makes me sad. It especially makes me sad because I know someone who is friends with the author, and says she's a "remarkable woman." He's a good judge of character. To me, this means her father is most likely JUST as bad as he's made out to be in her book.

Robert Downey Jr. in Cowboys and Aliens
More funny RDJr.? SIGN ME UP.

Which brings me to: Robert Downey Jr. to be Sherlock Holmes?
Really? Well, honestly, he'd never be my first thought for it, but on the other hand, once I start thinking about it, it's not a half bad idea. On the OTHER other hand, they're not talking about Conan Doyle's (♥) version of Holmes. Which, ironically, is what I was thinking of when I considered whether RDJr. might be good for the role. I don't know the comic book version, but I'd kinda like to see him try his hand at ACD's version.

Christian Bale: 'The Joker' Did Not Kill Heath Ledger
Although it probably contributed to his lack of sleep, in all honesty. I mean, he himself said that. But no, I never really thought it drove him to death or anything.

Pics from Wolverine: Origins
Love love love. But WHERE'S MY DEADPOOL???

Hugh Laurie gets free Burger King for life, remains AWESOME while doing so.
Hugh Laurie is awesome. Also, Gold Card? WHUT?

Stan Winston, leader in movie practical effects work, has passed away.
After seven years battling cancer. O_o

Marvel wants DiCaprio or Pitt for Captain America
What, really? Please say this is a joke.

Via Neil Gaiman: Louis Leterrier wants to make a movie of 1602
That? Would be awesome.

And I'm done.
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