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I've been meaning to make a link-y post for a couple of days, as I seem to have a small build-up. Fun!

But before the links, your (weekly?) update of What's New With Em!

Tuesday I got together with nixve (Kelly), who was in town from Seattle for a short time (yay!). Even though we'd both seen it already, we decided to go see Iron Man again - which says a lot for how much I loved the movie, since I VERY rarely want to watch a film in the theater twice. It was awesome the second time around, too (hence my current icon, courtesy of lay_of_luthien. I've been craving a good Iron Man icon, and she has several, so check 'em out). I love, love, love Robert Downey Jr. in it, and even though I knew the plot this time, I wasn't bored during any of it. Definitely going to have to get it on DVD. As an added bonus (well, sort of) the sound was slightly wonky during the last 15 minutes (which was sad) so they gave us a couple of free passes to use next time we go see a movie (which pretty much made up for it, since this was a second viewing. If it'd been a first viewing I would have been more annoyed).

After the movie Kelly and I went to Cosi and got a margherita pizza and the S'mores dessert thing and caught up some on what we're up to now. And ate. A LOT. It was good, though. *g*

Yesterday Dave came over and we made dinner and then watched some Black Books. Always fun! Oh, and I also finished and posted the latest chapter of my Deadpool fic. Fight scene, hurrah!

Today, I came home to my prize from winning nsfinch's poetry contest. YAY! It turned out to be a fun Norwegian card, a Norwegian flag sticker, 'rock carving' socks, Norwegian chocolate, and potato lefse (which I am apparently to receive instructions on...). WHEE! Thanks, nsfinch!


And now, linkspam:

1. the Marvel Swimsuit Special:
...people who were comic book nerds in the early 90s might remember that Marvel did actually publish special swimsuit issues once a year from 91 through 95...they were totally tongue-in-cheek, complete with cheesy ads starring your favorite characters, like Wolverine shilling for Macho Deodorant.
HEE. Go take a look, the links are fun. (I think my favorite might be the random Cable in a Speedo in the Domino pic. Even in the swimsuit edition, he's got a gun strapped to his back.)

2. My former professor, Greg Garre, has been appointed Solicitor General of the United States.

3. The girls at Go Fug Yourself always crack me up, but these two entries especially made me laugh:

Well Played, Victoria Beckham


Fugger than Fiction

4. A woman has been arrested in Japan for sneaking into a man's house and living in his wardrobe without him knowing.
No, seriously.

5. Rocketman flies over Alps with jetpack
Raise your hand if you think Iron Man is responsible for this.

6. I know it's from the end of last year, but this Marvel Team-Ups: Deadpool article is a fun read that shows yet another reason why 'Pool is awesome. Surprisingly (being that it's on the Marvel site) they got a few facts wrong. But overall, a fun read (although how they could forget Wade and Tiny Rhino is beyond me. That issue is awesome).

7. In other comic-y things, this online comic, Cheshire Crossing, is kinda fun. It starts with Alice, Wendy, and Dorothy of fairytale fame being sent to a reform-school type place for mental folks (essentially). But then it turns out the governess (Mary Poppins) believes them when they say they can go to other worlds...and then they start being pulled into adventures together that span the fairytale realms. So pretty fun.

8. A scale model of Scrooge McDuck's moneybin. This may rival the minature Bag End for one of the craziest but coolest things I've ever seen. I want to do something like this one day...maybe a Discworld thing.

9. XKCD: reluctant baby. HEE.

10. Vegetable porn. So wrong, Burger King. So. Wrong.

And I'm done.
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