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A couple of links via Wonderful Neil:

1. Paul Cornell of Dr. Who and comic book fame was in a car accident recently but he (and his wife) will be fine. He blogged about it, though, and actually, the account of what he was thinking and feeling at the time of the accident is really interesting to read. The wonkiness of thinking (the kind of slow shock and confusion of it all) certainly reflects how I felt during the (minor) car accident I had in high school.

I'm glad they are ok.

2. The 1001 Journals project sounds very fun. I decided to get in line for one of the journals. There are several people ahead of me, so I'll probably get an email 2 months from now and go, "Huh? Journal? What?" But then I will remember and it will be fun. :)

Via that site, an interview with the guy from FOUND Magazine, which publishes notes, pictures, etc. that people have found lying around and sent in.

The FOUND site also has a bunch of this stuff and is really kind of fascinating. Also amusing. This note made me laugh and laugh.

Via cleolinda:

Smiley Face Killers May Be Stalking College Men

That's creepy. Also creepy: We had a student die by apparently drowning at the law school in 2003. He was found in the Potomac. As far as I know, it was never definitively resolved as to whether foul play was involved. The circumstances were somewhat suspicious, though (his pants and shoes were found near the bank - the pants were folded - and it was very cold that night, so there wasn't really a reason to take them off or go swimming or something).

In less depressing news, this is the awesomest thing ever.

Also, Tilda Swinton appears as a centaur in Prince Caspian

I definitely missed that. But better than that tidbit is the quote from Adamson - Tilda Swinton is hilarious.

Finally, not one of your more welcoming comic book discussion forums. Geez. I mean, yes, I know to search for threads before posting a new one, but I've also been on several forums for several years and know the basic rules for all forums. If this person really is a newbie, they might not realize that it's taboo to post something similar to a going thread. Particularly in relation to a poll, where results might not always be the same. But as soon as the thread appears, regulars jump down the person's throat with:

USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!!!!!!! We've had 100's of these debates already. Stop trying to meet some quota.


Honestly, you need a nice long banning for spamming us with these crap threads. My threads may not be particularly genius, but I put some damn effort into mine.


SEARCH. Use the search function and add your two-cents to bump existing threads. The only reason I created an I Appreciate Sage thread was because I had studied all prior discussions of Sage and saw nothing positively-themed about her. You must use the process of deductive reasoning when thread creating.



Just do yourself a favor and stop posting entirely.

Granted, there appears to be an implied element of, "new person posting a lot to get post count up" or something, but MAN. If it was me, I'd be all, "Eff y'all, AND your popsicle stand. I'm outta here!"

(Oh, and the one person who kind of defended the newbie? Is told he has anger management problems. WIN.)

P.S. The Forum rules that people cited to the new poster. Rule #1? "BE CIVIL." Hah.
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