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Sloganizer says: "Oh my gods, it's a Foresthouse."

Very appropriate reaction to seeing a Foresthouse, in my opinion. ;)

And now, some links:

Via Wonderful Neil, the Write Your Story auction and competition. From the Terms and Conditions on the Contest Page, it doesn't appear to be limited to UK residents...

The 2 best adult and 1 best child story get a prize.
Due date for stories is 6/19/08.


A write-up of Matt Good's rehearsal process by Dale Mugford, Matt's friend and website guru.

I like the neat inside look it gives at how one person creates complex music. Even if you don't know Matt's music or Matt it's an interesting look at the creative process.


The inevitable Deadpool round-up of links:

Just what I need: The Deadpool Bugle, a site with all the latest news on appearances by The Merc with a Mouth. (Feed my obsession. FEED IT!)

(Incidentally, I kind of want the Superheroes Squad toy, if I could find it for cheap. Dave found one of the sets for his nephew at $2.50 at Target.)

A couple of interviews with Daniel Way, who will be writing the new Deadpool series that starts in September.


I wish I were better at foreign languages. However, I think I may start reading this random person's blog to practice my French. Because from what I *can* read, she seems to be a geek like me. Heh. (I found it via a Discworld mention, if I recall).
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