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Law & Linkspam: Robert Brauneis and the "Happy Birthday" song

Via GW Law's website and cleolinda:

My (former) law professor, he is famous.

Well, ok, maybe not famous. But he did land on Defamer a few days ago for a paper he wrote regarding why Warner Music doesn't *really* own the rights to Happy Birthday.

In the latest news of Small Worlds, Brauneis is actually the professor I chatted with regarding potential legal issues with cleolinda's m15m Parody Charity store back in the day, when he was my copyright and trademark prof. He read at least one (Harry Potter, if I recall correctly) and thought they were hilarious (particularly, "Outta my way, Plebes!"). He even mentioned possibly using them as a class illustration at one point. And now she's linked a story about him on her journal. Life is very circular, isn't it?

(Prior recent Small Worlds news includes the fact that author Jeffrey Ford, it turns out, teaches in my hometown, and I may have (without being aware of who he really was at the time) actually gone to a Teen Arts program for which he was an instructor)
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