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Poetry, cute animals, and computer question

Aw, yay! I just won nsfinch's poetry contest! She asked us a few days ago to write poems about Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day), and today announced that I will be getting the mystery prize for my submission. Hooray! I feel special, because all of the entries were completely awesome and funny. Go see them!

(Oh, and here's mine):

Syttende Mai-self down? Don’t mind if I do!

Heisann to all! I hope that you are having a good morn.
My first name is Larry, and this is brother Bjorne.
Oh, and please do not forget, my other brother Bjorne.
We’re here to tell you of the day when our nation was born.

Now we all hail from Norway, a freezing place up north,
With rocks, fish and petroleum, and so on and so forth.
We drink the akvavit all day; night too, for what it’s worth,
‘n’ if you don’t wan’ any drinksh, we’ll gladly drink up yourth.

Almost two hundred years ago, we signed our Constitution.
We wanted to proclaim our rights, and this was our solution.
We’ve got both King and parliament, a grand old institution,
And by the way; forgot to say, we’ve very low pollution!

Ja, vi elsker dette landet, it’s a lovely place to be,
So come, screw up your courage, and eat lutefisk with me!
If you manage to survive it, we’ll have krumkake and tea,
And after we’ve digested, we’ll go outside and ski!

I say Norway’s the best there is, no other place comes near
(Even though it’s dark three months, and sometimes kinda drear).
So wave your flag, red, white, and blue, and give a hearty cheer,
‘Cause Norway is the place to be, at any time of year!


In other things, Wonderful Neil posted a bee video from the Birdchick on his journal the other day. While I think bees are interesting, I'm more of a sucker for cute furry critters. So imagine my joy in discovering that she has videos of those, too!

Check these out:

Baby porcupine with hiccups eats banana


Disapproving Rabbit eats parsley

AW!!! So cute and funny.


Finally, for all you computer experts out there: my laptop is uber-full of stuff. In fact, I only have, like, 2GB of space left on it, which is A Problem. I tried to get rid of a bunch, and backed up and deleted a mega-ton of photos and things (have more I need to move, but need more CDs first). I removed some old programs and did disk cleanup. I tried to defrag but it said that the computer only has 7% memory available and it really needs 15% to defrag. I did it anyway, but don't know how effective it was.

So my question is: what on Earth is eating up all my GB? I should have 37ish, and about 19ish is dedicated to my music collection (yeah, I should probably weed some of those out or something). So...is that where the problem is? Is there stuff other than program files and music that I wouldn't immediately see but that takes up tons of space? Where is that other 16GB of space??

Help meeeee!
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