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Eep. Educational hell.

These places sound hellish:

Elite Korean Schools, Forging Ivy League Skills

Is this really the best way to educate one's children? (Make sure and read p. 2 for a description of the insane "day" these students have.) They study ALL the time, they have no social or romantic lives or interests (so it appears), they barely ever sleep enough...it doesn't sound healthy, either physically or mentally, for a high-school age student.

For one, sleep deprivation (even if self-imposed) can't be good for one's health (and possibly brain cells?) or learning/memory retention. For another, these kids don't sound like they're going to be well-rounded, socially. If their parents' goals are to get them accepted to these universities so they can have great, high-paying jobs later...well, you have to interview for those types of jobs, so the schools ought to be working on people skills, too, and making sure that when someone says, "So, how 'bout them Yankees?" in an interview, these kids don't go, "What's a Yankee? Huh? What's baseball? I have this textbook, let me look it up!"

Also, I could be wrong, here, but I would bet money that a bunch of these kids will just burn the hell out around 20-30 years old. You work SO hard to get into the school, you get to school and keep working so hard, and at some point you stop and go, "I think I'm missing something important, here," or, "why is this so important, anyway? I want to have a little fun!" and it's all downhill from there.

Where's the creativity, the growth of a person that should be encouraged at that age? Where's the joie de vivre? I don't know. It sounds like hell to me.
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