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Apparently I'm still living in 2006... - Walking on the Edge — LiveJournal
I don't really have a plan...
Apparently I'm still living in 2006...
While wandering around online I happened across a couple of old comics-related posts that amused and/or interested me:

Every so often, someone tells me sexism in comic books doesn't exist. So why not invert the gender roles in team comic books once a month, changing genders but not poses or styles of costuming, and see if that's really true.

(I'd love to see that.)


Cable & Deadpool: if you two are quite done eroticizing...

(Aw. Poor Deadpool is so confused.)

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chrryblssmninja From: chrryblssmninja Date: May 7th, 2008 07:42 am (UTC) (current file)
thanks for the first link

great icon too
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