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Free Comic Book Day!

Today was Free Comic Book Day!! Where comic book stores give out free comics. (That are specially done for Free Comic Book Day.) FUN! Dave stopped by his local comic book store (Hole in the Wall Books in Falls Church) on the way to the mall this morning and picked up an X-Men one and a...nother one I can't remember the name of. Then this afternoon he went back with me (the morning trip was b/c we weren't sure if I'd have time to go later) and I picked up the free Superman and a double one of "The Stranded" and Dan Dare that looks interesting.

The comic book guy there was so nice and helpful in telling us a bit about some of them, and, most importantly, not treating me in a condescending manner and assuming I know nothing about comics just because I'm female (girls/women get that A LOT in comic book stores, *sigh*). This guy was totally cool, though. They also had some older comics from the '90s that they were giving away to clear out some space, and he said to take as many as I wanted, so I picked up...6 issues of "X-Man" (feat. Nate Grey), 3 X-Force, and 2 X-Force & Cable. One of the "X-Force" ones wasn't technically a free one, but when I told the guy I liked Deadpool he went and found one in the back that had Deadpool in it and gave it to me free. I also bought an old Deadpool one ($1) and a couple of old "Uncanny Origins" ones (they look a bit cartoony, but hey! 50 cents!). The '90s comics might not be, you know, top-of-the-line issues, but still. That's a good haul of free comics. :) Hole in the Wall Books gets an A+ from me.

And now, in honor of Free Comic Book Day, some superhero hilarity that you don't want to miss.

(via cleolinda):

Superheroes Battle Like Whiny PC Users


Iron Man Torches Batman's Viral Marketing

Seriously, these videos killed me. WATCH THEM.


(ETA of Marvel: Thanks to spectralbovine, who knew about these videos like, a year ago (I'm so behind the times), an interview with the I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC creators. Cool.)

Also, an old favorite of mine, Superman is a Dick.

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