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HP Lexicon (this is the case that never eeeends...)

This article from CNN by "a legal analyst on 'American Morning'" is new and discusses the law and views from different lawyers (like Tim Wu who has been mentioned in other articles and over at TLC). It's well written.

Personally, I don't agree with the particular statement of Tim Wu as quoted (I think he doesn't have enough familiarity with the text of the Lexicon - otherwise I don't know how he could call SVA an "author.") But anyway.

cleolinda just posted a link to full transcripts of the trial over at Fandom_Wank.


In other things, FINALLY DONE with 7 page first draft memo on revisions to the CFR, with 3 appendices. WHEE. Now, I get to...oh. Catch up on 2-3 weeks worth of orders and decisions that didn't get written while I was working on the rules. I'm actually ok with that, though - I'm looking forward to going back to decision-writing.


Oh, and by the way - apparently Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman and I use the same technique for shaving. Except of course that I use conditioner to shave my legs, and they use it for shaving their beards. HEE. (I posted about this on LJ one time, like, 4 years ago, but I can't find the entry now to link it. Meh.)
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