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Harry Potter Lexicon Trial Begins

Oh, and one more thing:

The HP Lexicon trial started yesterday.

cleolinda is doing an excellent round-up report of all the excitement as it happens over on Fandom Wank.

For background, I posted an explanation and discussion of the trial back when the complaint and answer were filed.

And now, here's another excellent legal discussion of the case by praetorianguard

ETA: The Leaky Cauldron has a paraphrased account of JKR's trial testimony. What I find notable here are all the instances where Rowling has let slip hints of what a Rowling-authored encyclopedia could be like. If the whole of her encyclopedia consisted of gems like the ones here (examination of the death theme in the books; origin of the occamy beast; etc.) then a Rowling encyclopedia would be a coveted and enjoyable book for any HP enthusiast. That SVA and RDR think they can compete with that, or that a fan would rather have the Lexicon, is laughable. That Rowling is now feeling discouraged about the idea of her own encyclopedia by this litigation is a real shame. One hopes that after this trial is over (and JKR has won), she will feel differently.
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