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Causes Celebre

I was just thinking about this and got curious - I know some of my favorite celebrities give their time and/or money to charitable causes (Terry Pratchett - Alzheimer's; Matthew Good - Amnesty International, more recently the Babz Chula foundation; Neil Gaiman - Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), and started wondering which other celebs give to which causes, and for what reasons (i.e. Terry's recent diagnosis with Alzheimer's brought home to him the drastic underfunding of the disease in the UK; Matt's been a long-time human rights advocate; Neil is concerned with comic books having the same First Amendment rights as novels, etc.).

I found a couple of websites that kind of show some of this:

A few causes listed on Give Spot

Celebrities for Awareness

but not really a comprehensive list.

I also found some articles on whether celebrity giving is a positive or negative, or both:

CNN discusses it


Associated Content's take

So, question: What do your favorite celebs support, if anything? Why did they decide to do it? What do they do or give? Any other thoughts on this? (Or any other websites that highlight celebrity giving?)
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