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Barack Obama: Truth or Lies

I just received the following email forward from my grandmother. Grandma is one of the only people I won't usually grumble about sending me forwards, because often they're cute little things, and also it's my grandma. Online. I'm delighted that my grandma uses email.

However, on scanning this one quickly, my brain said, and I quote, "WHUT?"

Obama is a radical Muslim? He never says the Pledge of Allegiance? Eh?

Not only is this fairly far-fetched, but (even lacking some faith in our current media coverage) if this was true, EVERYONE would know it by now. It wouldn't be just an email forward. It would be HEADLINE NEWS.

The email itself claims that: "snopes.com ..' confirms this is factual. Check for yourself."

Well ok, then, I did.

And...um...yeah, email forward, if you are going to make stuff up, it's not really a great idea to urge people to look up how much you are lying! Snopes itself makes fun of you for it! The email is an interesting mix of facts and lies that makes Obama look like a crazed Muslim terrorist about to take over the White House and strike fear into the hearts of fundamentalist Christians everywhere. Which is patently absurd.

I'll say right now, I don't have personal knowledge of Obama's background, nor have I done extensive research on it. And I'm not un-skeptical about spin campaigns by politicians. But it's completely illogical that this information could be true and not widely known, and on top of that, this particular information was debunked as a smear campaign against Obama. I'm a Christian, but I'm also a logical person who can spot a lie when I see it coming. The worrying part is, there are a lot of people out there who won't even blink at the idea that this email is true - because they want it to be true, and/or they're just worried or scared of making a bad choice when voting, and have not educated themselves enough about the candidates to choose based on anything other than, maybe, a gut instinct. Which is not the best way to choose a President. (And is probably how we ended up with Bush 2 times running, as well.) (Note: I'm not trying to be harsh on my grandma, here - she's fairly well-informed on politics, albeit pretty conservative. I don't know why she thought this was true, except that email forwards are tricky like that. She may have believed the statement that Snopes had confirmed this, she may not even know what Snopes is, I don't know. But the email chain didn't start with her. A lot of people forwarded this on.)

I usually don't bother with email forwards one way or another, but in this case, I replied to everyone on the list when I let my Grandma know the email forward was false.

Whether you want Obama in the White House or not, he should at least be judged on his actual merits, not on lies.
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