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Hello, Charles Stross!

Quick post on my way to bed. Finally made it to WSFA meeting #2 (after wmslawhorn emailed me to remind me it was tonight). One more and I can pay my $10 and be an Actual Member, heh. In a surprise move (well, I didn't know ahead of time, at least!), Mike Walsh brought Charlie Stross, who is currently in DC for research and things, to the meeting. Even though he's won at least one Hugo and is up for another now, I hadn't read any of his work yet. However, he talks a good talk (Charlie Stross: "Here, read the first few pages of this." *hands me book* Me: *reads* "OK, I'm sold. Where do I buy one?") so I bought one of the three books Mike was selling there and shall read it directly (directly after I finish Inferno, that is). It looks promising! Charlie is also very fun to talk to, so we all spent an enjoyable...couple of hours, maybe? conversing on several things. It was also nice to see WSFA people again and catch up (*waves to ashcomp* See, I said I'd make it to another meeting!). All in all, a good night.

And, OH, I am so tired. Ooof. Bed.
Tags: literature, reading, sci-fi, the internet iz serius biznes

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