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Three random links, three random links, see how they...are cool.

First off, this audio discussion of comic book couples (best, worst, ones that never happened but would be awesome) is pretty amusing (despite their disparaging remarks re: Wolverine. Yes, I know he's short and hairy. I don't care, I LUUURVE him). The couples discussion part doesn't start right away, I think it's about 1/5 of the way through when it starts, so you may or may not want to jump to the part where they go to the phone call with Rachelle. But definitely a fun listen.

Next, via Neil Gaiman, the true face of Leonardo Da Vinci?. Awesome.

Also via Neil (Neil FTW with the fun links today) convention etiquette on meeting authors, by John Scalzi. Some of this would be good to have on the Con site.
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