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ACK my office has been busy these last few days. I typed this up at lunch but forgot to post it due to busyness.

Anyway, I have some linkspam saved up from the last few days, so...here it is!

Lem, via the Bunny comic, references both Symbolistic White Walls by Matthew Good (not his first MG reference), and Dylan Moran's stand-up comedy in his comic titles. Lem is Made of Win.

In the same vein, Lem's Pink Bunny is Made of Win. AND NOW, also of fleece. SOSOCUTEIWANTITNOW!!! Blue and Orange Bunnies coming soon.

LolCat of the Day

XKCD: this is totally me in the book store.

eeknight wrote the best entry ever on Florida voting and the Presidential race.

The Unavoidable Update: no more analog TV signals after February 2009, and what you can do to update your TV.

Neat art from a Canadian children's book illustrator, Eric Orchard. (I wonder if he'd illustrate my children's book, when I finally finish it... Of course, it's not really a fairy tale. But I like his whimsical style.)

Copyranter: a blog I enjoy. Mostly hilarious posts about Ads Gone Wrong.

Via cleolinda: Some Thoughts on Balrogs, Balrog Mailbag, and Further Adventures in Balrog Math: Irony-chan amuses us with Balrogs and math.


Eh, while I'm at it, I should really clean out some Really Old Links, too. I tend to email them to myself to remind me to post, and then forget they're there. Let's see what we've got:

Via Neil Gaiman, like, two weeks ago: 100 books every child should read.

For some reason, I find this story really interesting: Lost Phil Ochs album found - he recorded camp songs. HEEE. I'd love a copy of that.

For those who enjoyed my recent camp song posts, these threads about camp songs might remind you of lyrics or some songs you've forgotten. Also, check out A Prairie Home Companion Camp-Song Songbook. Just one random click on the top links reminded me of a song I had forgotten, although how I could have forgotten this one I don't know: "Boom Boom Ain't it Great to Be Crazy?" Heh. Yes, yes it is. (Also if you are interested in a good songbook that I love, there's always Rise Up Singing, which is awesome.)

Random crime fact: murderer of Kitty Genovese up for parole in March (you have to search for Winston Moseley). Not that I think they'd ever let him go. Just the thought of the guy being allowed out, knowing what he did, makes me shudder.

Another fun blog: Amalah. Very funny (see, Ikea Jones and the Dresser of Doom)

A place where you can sometimes find good coupons for things, yay. They saved me 20% on my Christmas Bits and Pieces order.

Project 365: blog with a drawing a day.

Ways to back up your LJ: LJ Book and exporting from LiveJournal.

Vaguely related: Now you can filter your LJ by security level.

Anne Taintor is awesome.

Western Costume History is fun to read about.

Did I link this before? People in fiction with claimed eidetic memory

Mental Floss Magazine: Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix

There are some fun Terry Pratchett/Discworld icons scattered throughout iconbelieveit's journal. Other good icons abound. Lots of Harry Potter, including my favorite, the nametag icon that says: "Hello My Name Is Lord Voldemort." HEE.

Grab-bag link: I don't remember what this is, and I can't access YouTube from here, so...click at your own risk? The email was labeled weird al.

and finally:

the Born Losers (Matthew Good song) Video Contest Winner. V. cool.
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