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Christmas cards etc.

Poll #1095259 Holiday Cheer!

Do you want a Christmas card from me? Submit your address here! (Only I will see the responses.)

* If I've met you in real life, you must fill out the poll, because I say so and my word is law (and also because I'm sure I've lost a few addresses and I want to send you all cards).

In other things, George R.R. Martin answers your questions.

And believe it or not, the "Emily" on p. 2...is me! Cooooool.

(In the Song of Ice and Fire series, for which character's death did you get the most flack from readers? —Emily

GRRM: The scene that was hardest to write was the wedding scene in Book III. That was the most violent and difficult. And I've gotten a lot of mail from readers, many of them saying it was brilliant, but others saying they couldn't read past that, and they were giving up on my book, it was too painful. But it's supposed to be painful. It was painful to write, it should be painful to read, it should be a scene that rips your heart out, and fills you with terror and grief. That's what I'm striving for.)

ETA: OMG this is so adorable. "How my boyfriend ruined my Neil Gaiman experience."
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