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Inspired by Neil Gaiman? SHARE!

Yesterday, I read this post by Neil Gaiman, in which he says, If someone wants to create a Picassa or Flikr or something place that people can upload pictures of them in costumes inspired by stuff I wrote, I'll happily put up a link to it here.

And because I'm just crazy like that, I thought, "Hey, why not?" and did it.


Currently it's just got the pics that were featured in his journal, and I bet they're feeling kind of lonely. So if you are a crazy Neil fan or know one, and you or they made or did something inspired by Neil or his works that can be photographed, please go and add your photo to the album.

I've let Neil know where it is, so who knows? Assuming he doesn't miss the email (I know he gets tons), the album may soon be linked from his journal.
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