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That is a BIG cookie.

I just ate what was possibly the biggest cookie I've ever, personally, by myself, consumed. It was 5 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. The icing alone was 1/8 of an inch thick. Also it was denser than a desk.

Amanda got these cookies from a parent of one of her students. God knows where the parent got them, but my theory is from the same bakery that does dwarf bread.

Unlike my previous food post (see TV Dinner, Awful) the cookie was actually kind of good once I got used to the density and the odd icing flavoring (sort of a mix of sugar and Chemical Orange Dye). And I did eat the whole thing, although I'm not sure why. It was a bit of a weird experience.

(Note to Dave if he reads this: I ate a healthy lunch before this! Chicken salad sandwich, banana, yogurt! See? My diet isn't terrible. Sometimes.)

In other alarming news, my first paycheck is $75 less than expected. What the hell? Where did that $75 go?

I guess I won't know until they mail me the check stub. So I'll postpone Severe Alarm until I can see the breakdown of wihtholding for Taxes That Make Me Cry, Health Insurance I Wish I Didn't Need, and Savings Plan Money I Won't See Again Until I'm 60.

Finally, OMGIHAVENOTIME!!! Capclave is this weekend and I'm already tired. I'd better get some sleep soon or I won't be much good as a "volunteer." (Con-goer: "Excuse me, where's Con Ops?" Emily: "Zzzzzzzzzzz.")
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