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Dave and I got to go to Steve Raymer's book talk last night. It was great - Steve is very talented and had some interesting stories to tell about the photos in the new book. In case anyone is interested, the book has just arrived in print. It's called Images of a Journey: India in Diaspora, and it is a study of the Indian people and culture as they have moved and settled in so many parts of the world outside of India. You can see a sample of the book (and also get to the Amazon book purchase link via the "Store" page) on his website, HERE. The book was 4 years in the making, and definitely worth it!

Seeing some of the photos up on the big slide screen was really neat. Of course I got a copy of the book (signed by Steve), which I am going to take to the book festival next weekend so I can get Dr. Sanjay Gupta to sign near his picture. For some reason (though I'm not big on autographs) the idea of having two somewhat unrelated signatures in one book is cool to me.

The little reception afterwards was nice, too. They had wine and juice and Indian food, and we met several of Steve's friends, including the guy who travels around with him a lot "taking what I like to call the "Barb [Steve's wife] pictures - because she's always worrying that he's going to get hurt or shot or not come home this time." Also met Peter White, a retired National Geographic writer (sample article: HERE) and a few other NG related folks from Steve's days there. All very interesting and talented folks.

Since I'm going to the book festival, I figured I will also try to get to Charles Simic's (this year's Poet Laureate, and my sister's former professor at UNH) talk there. I'm going to bring a book of poems I have from him, but my absolute favorite, Eyes Fastened With Pins, is not in it, so I thought I'd print it out for an autograph. Just because I love it so much. I went looking for a printable copy, and I found this. I was kind of appalled. I mean, yes, we're all entitled to our views on poetry - but look what he DID to Eyes Fastened With Pins. And then to claim that the "edited" version is "better"??? He made it into a nothing bit of nothing by messing with it. ICK. When I have more time I'll have to check out this guy's "poems" to see if his original work has any merit. (ETA: O. M. G. - this is all part of a series where he tries to "rework" famous poets' poems to make them better. And every single one fails. Even if some of the originals are flawed, his are MUCH worse. Ew. This guy makes me angry.)

Hem. In nicer things, we are almost ready to start publicizing the 2009 North American Discworld Convention. Very exciting. We've gotten flyers together to go out to bookstores on Terry Pratchett's tour, so that they can have them for people to see. The theme is "The Turtle Moves!" and I made some flyers last night/this week with my very own turtle design. I think they look nifty! Hopefully a lot of people will see them. We'll have one for Terry at the book festival. The website for info will be up soon at http://www.nadwcon.org.

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