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Am home in NJ now, which is very exciting as I can now sleep in my comfy pillow-top-mattress bed. Though sad as well because Dan is in Chicago. Ah well. Worked on professor's photo website for FIVE hours today because he paid me in advance. Now do not have to work on it again until next semester. We watched a colorized version of the old A Christmas Carol from the '50s on TV tonight. It was really funny to watch the special effects, which were much scarier in black and white. I laughed a lot, to which my dad said "this isn't supposed to be a comedy." Yeah, but I dare YOU to keep a straight face at the end when Scrooge does a headstand on his chair!
Am feeling slightly stressed even though the semester is over, as law school apps. are due in January. if it isn't one thing, it is another. Arrgh. But now, I am not thinking about it, because I must be off to my beauty sleep. LATER!
Tags: dan, family, holidays, law school, men, nj, web design, work

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