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I'm nuts, but it all works in the end.

Wanted to see everyone before break, including a few who are graduating this semester (!). So, decided to throw a dinner party. Realized after making list that I was inviting 16 friends to my moderately sized apt! Immediately enlisted help of said friends in cooking and beverage supplies.
And it all went off without a hitch! We had 15 people and lots of food, 2 kinds of dessert, an of course, a bit of alcoholic sustenance. Highlights of the evening would have to include this:
Steve (to Delaney cutting brownies): "Didn't we cut the garlic bread with that knife?"
Delaney: "Yeah I guess we did."
Steve: "Did you at least wash it first?"
Delaney: "Ummmm..."
Steve: "Mmm, garlic brownies!"
As well as the face Karl made after trying my hmm, slightly strong screwdriver. And Ti's discourse on the wonders of Midol. And let's not forget that Jen came and actually had a good time! As did Jeremy! (I'm still in shock) :)
Anyway, despite the fact that we have enough empty bottles on our kitchen table to start a brewing company, and that I had to get up and clean this morning (eep!) last night ROCKED! I love my friends.
Tags: dinner party, food, jeremy, karl, stevedor, zen

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