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GO IU!!!! #1 Party School!!

Today was the last day of Political Democratization class. Professor Jack B. decided we should meet at Bear's to celebrate. For anyone who doesn't know, Bear's is a restaurant/bar, and they have a 6-shot drink called a Hairy Bear...it's lethal. I was SO not going to get a drink, but they also have ice cream alcoholic drinks, so I decided to get a Grasshopper. Just one. WELL. Steve got a Hairy Bear. (Jack was drinking beer). And then after awhile it was time for Ben to do his class presentation.
This is when it got funny. Jack (our professor, remember) said, "Ok guys, every time Ben says "democracy," we DRINK!" Now, when you are doing a presentation on political democratization, "democracy" is inevitably going to come up. I would have to say that Ben said "democracy" roughly once per sentence, and sometimes three times in one! Naturally I had to drink, so I shared Steve's Hairy Bear. And then we got another one....
Yeah, I would have to say, this was the best class I've had in a long time. The only problem would have to be that I had a group presentation at 4:45...ah, well. You only live once!
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