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Studying? What?

Have a big test tomorrow. Naturally, have decided to pro-cra-sti-nate. Of course. Besides the fact that most management skills are basically common sense, I also find that I do my best thinking at 1 am, so why waste time now? This weekend I ventured out to 2 parties, one of which was a "cameo appearance" of 45 minutes. I hate not having a car. I always have to rely on others to get me to parties. Thus, on Friday I called around and no one was able to give me a ride. Of course, as soon as I donned my pjs, a friend called and said, oh, now they were going...The second was on Saturday, after an adventure into the world of opera with a friend. I was not impressed. I loved Candide, but I think they basically bastardized Little Women so that all focus was on the love tangle, which is not anywhere near the main part of the plot. *Sigh* childhood books should not be adapted. At intermission David and I decided to forfeit the other $5 of our tickets and go to Steak and Shake. Ahhh, cookies and cream milkshakes. What could be better? Party consisted of billions of people I knew, so it was pretty cool. Didn't get home til 5. Sunday was highlighted by next door neighbor insulting me, male friend propositioning me, and a late night writing stupid papers. Ah, the joys of the weekend.
Tags: candide, david s, friends, little women, opera, school, steak'n'shake, weekend

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