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It's Time for Another:

Things About Life That Just Annoy the Hell Out of Me:

1) When they put paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms right above arm level, so you must reach up to pull the lever, thus dripping water all down your arm and increasing the amount of skin you must towel, as well as causing that wierd little shivery sensation from the cold dripping water.

2) People in libraries who "shush". Like I am making tons of noise on purpose. When they invent the soundless zipper, then I give you permission to shush me in the library. But for now, remember, they named them ZIPpers for a reason!!

3) Professors who think that because they are getting paid to read and research, and thus it is their life's work and whole job, they have the right to assign you as much reading as they have done in the last 2 years, to be finished and analyzed by the end of the week.

4) People at restaurants who tip 10%. This isn't Europe, folks, and yes, we remember your face the next time you come in and demand clean silverware!

5) My art teacher, because he assumes that we are all actually aspiring art majors who spend the bulk of our time contemplating or completing our work, and any excess time in the art supply store buying large paper that can't possibly be transported to class, even in a huge portfolio, and that was a struggle just to get HOME from 8th and Grant.

On that note, I have a self portrait to do for tomorrow. On 18x24 paper. And I won't be home til 10 pm tonight. Ick. In other news I worked thurs-sat at Kilroy's, and made some decent money, as Friday I worked Happy Hour and Saturday was a home football game. And Dan came in with his Dad who tipped me $10. Rah! Today Lacy called me to see if I would cover her shift! Haha, like I was setting foot in that place after 3 straight days (29 hrs) working. RIGHT. Don't know why she even tried. Had people over for lunch today, C concocted chili and grilled cheese (mmmm) and I, ever useful, cut fruit and made brownies-from-a-mix. We see who is the domestic one in this apartment! But it was delish, and we still have a few brownies left! Yay. Was 20 minutes late to chapter due to falling asleep while reading for Tues presentation. For same class, have spent 3 hours in library finding books for research paper originally also due tues, moved now to the 26th. Thank GOD. Am now off to pledge meeting in order to boost my sagging attendance at AKPsi events, and thus qualify to attend banquet with boy in tow. Apparently if I don't go to everything from now until banquet I'm screwed. Also the pledges are making fun of actives tonight. Who wants to miss that?
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