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Dylan Moran Rules!

Finals still looming. Me still gnawing on fingernails. *worry worry worry*

Trademark tomorrow.


In other news, this quote from a recent Dylan Moran interview over at yourdailydylan (thank you, dachelle!) is so, so true:

"If someone has just come back from holiday," he explains, like an impatient schoolteacher, "and they show you some photographs, and say it was all wonderful, and the sun wasn't too hot, and all that, you're bored out of your mind. Nothing could be more tedious than other people's happiness, because it happens only to them and it teaches you nothing."

"But if they tell you that the hotel was crap, how the toilets leaked, how they all got sick - it's a wonderful story. Something bad will have happened to you in the past, but it didn't this time. It happened to them. And you can enjoy it."

This is of course also why, in the world of LJ, you get about 3 times as many responses to a post that has some element of negative drama in it as you do to a post saying, "Happy times are here!" Ah, Dylan. You are so wise. I worship you.

Back to studying.

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