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Insanity does NOT run in the family, dammit!

Am I crazy, or are people annoying? The latter, I think. So here I am, quietly sketching for class tomorrow, and someone rings the bell...I go, and there is a note that says, "Please turn your music down. Thanks." Ok, first of all, my music was sooooo not louder than I ever play it and that is not loud. And it's only 11 at night! Second, the guys downstairs play music I can hear with my pillow over my head at 3 am. The freakin walls vibrate, for goodness sakes!!! So don't tell me I am the criminal of IU South Side! Third, why a note?? Unless it was the guys downstairs, then it's no one I know, cause they are the only people I even know in this apartment building. It's not like its gonna ruin a great friendship if this person asks me face-to-face to turn my music down. I have no plans to stink-bomb annoying neighbors who have sensitive hearing!!! Dammit, why do people have to piss me off?! Well you know what? - I'm not taking it anymore! I'm rebelling! I'm TURNING IT UP!!!
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