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Eavesdroppers R Us - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
Eavesdroppers R Us
I am thinking of starting a new hobby - eavesdropping. Particularly in the IU Memorial Union Food Court. I have just discovered, (during a breakfast of milk and chocolate bavarian cream pastry) that if one sits in the food court attempting to read the Decameron, and yet keeps an ear out for fascinating conversation, one can hear, in detail, a discussion between three girls of the storyteller's boyfriend's drug bust (and also his friend's drug bust, and the confiscation of one of their dogs, and also the fascinating places that one can hide illegal substances (including medicine cabinets, which seems rather obvious, and socks, which definitely seems less so)). i had TONS of fun this morning listening to the reconstructed police raid and rifling of the house during a search that followed the pulling-over of said criminal. Told with juicy detail and great relish by the guy's girlfriend to the avid audience of 2, this story took on an aura of romance and adventure that stopped short when she got to the 20-30 years in jail part. SO, boys and girls, what have we learned from today's session in our new hobby? Don't do drugs. Or, if you do, hide them in much better places than your sock drawer. Until next time when I am blessed with those 10 extra minutes to enhance my life through listening, I am off to class.

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songprincess From: songprincess Date: October 29th, 2002 05:35 am (UTC) (current file)
Hey there,

I like your style of writing and found your entries and profile interesting so I added you to my friends list. I hope we get to talk again soon. Tootles...

foresthouse From: foresthouse Date: October 29th, 2002 02:35 pm (UTC) (current file)


Thanks. Always glad to amuse a fellow LJer. If you want more fun stuff like this, try realityfnbites, my friend who definitely cracks me up with her crazy outlook on life. Cheers. :)
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