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Way-cool friend signed me up for this, so from here on out I will try to generate fascinating passages about my boring daily life. Currently, boring life consists of updating journal instead of studying for quiz to be taken in 1 hour. In an attempt to let you, the random reader, comprehend me, the random college student, here is some info:
-I listen to every kind of music with words and a beat.
-Except country music. Generally.
-I read too many books.
-and don't study when I should.
-Last Thursday, I had an epiphany and began sketching.
-I haven't drawn anything previously, since approx. 5th grade.
-I have no idea what caused this.
-But it's a lot of fun.
-Perhaps if you are lucky, I will post some sketches.
-Once I learn how to use the scanner.
-I am currently single.
-And expect to remain so, as no guy here is worth my time.
and lastly,
-I have to go to class soon...
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