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Running Scared

Tonight, after finally getting home from 300-hour-long class and work day, I got a call from my lovely sister, who was very excited. Why? Well, I will tell you why. Because Running Scared, possibly the coolest movie to come out of the 80s (ok, maybe not, but it's our favorite) was on TV and she didn't have a videotape. So I sacrificed The Usual Suspects to tape it. (Don't worry, TUS is on again next week). Naturally I had to watch it at the same time. Hmm, productivity level seems to be just about normal. One of these days I am going to stop pretending to work and begin admitting that I do nothing :)
Also had long (oops, sorry John) conversation with good friend who is a big slacker (I hope he is reading this) but will now be the most successful person I know, thanks to my plans to yell at him whenever he skips class. Also because I have told him the supersecret key to success, which is: Strategically placed Post-it Notes (sorry, if i told you anything more I would have to kill you). Am now content to go to bed and not get up until my 1pm class.
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