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Things are looking up?

Ok, so I took an LSAT practice test 2 days ago and got a 164 ... which is way worse than I would like, but the highest score i have gotten so far. So this may be good. I think I might be able to come out of this with a score like that...what I would really like is a 170, but I would also really like a cell phone, a car, a free weekend, and a million dollars...not happening anytime soon. Whatever. The last weekish has been filled with fun activities like studying, studying, taking tests, studying, that moronic paper I wrote that sucked a big nut, studying...oh and the occasional hanging out and watching movies (oops, slipped there and had some actual fun). It's bizarre, I have been in the library more in the past 2 weeks than probably the whole time I have been here, except when I used to go up to the stacks to nap. Odd, and I am also very fond of the Woodburn library now (since not many people use it).
Fred called yesterday and I felt bad because I had to cut him off to finish my hw. But thats life, you know? Well, anyway I'm sure he forgives me :) Right and now it's time for class again. Ah, for the day (tomorrow) when we get internet in the apt!!!
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