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i am a creative genius...

Or they will make me into one. They better, for the amount of stuff I have to carry around for my Drawing 1 class! On M&W which are of course my 3 class days, I have to tote this portfolio with 2 jumbo sketch pads, and a box of drawing stuff, to woodburn, to fine arts, to forest, and then all the way home...my shoulder is developing new muscles just to cope! But hey, that means I get to draw things for homework, as well as mess around with charcoal, which is very fun but also the messiest drawing substance in creation. It got all over my shorts today. Rrrr.
So I moved into the new apt. last thurs, and Christiane and I have it all set up. My room is, well, a bit on the tiny side, but very relaxing, and at 2:30 the sun comes through the prisms and makes rainbows on all the walls and floor and ceiling. :) Yay! Classes are good, especially since I only have 4. No class tomorrow or friday! All my friends hate me!
But I have to study for the LSAT b/c I registered to take it (gulp) Oct. 5. Luck, I need luck! Everyone pray. Suddenly, it seems all my friends are taking it too, so we are going to study together. And I have to get a job because I am a poor child, so I guess I will soon be busy after all. And now it is time for my 1am snack :) (hey i forgot to eat dinner today!) so au revoir.
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