Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

catching up

to make a long story short:
In Dublin we had all kinds of fun and I also won a tshirt during the "Dublin Literary Pub Crawl" where 2 actors took us to a bunch of pubs and performed while we drank. much fun. After dublin we headed for Calais, managing to see Star Wars Episode II on the ferry from Ireland. That was kinda nifty. Calais was great. Our hotel was right between the beach and the town center (not to mention it WAS a hotel, not a hostel). We went to the beautiful beach 2 days. The sand is very white and there are almost no shells or trash around. The water is warm and it is FREE. We saw the famous Rodin statue of the six burghers....when i told amanda we should see it, she was confused. I explained and she said, "Oh, I was thinking, how many kinds can there be...Big Mac, Whopper...?" And she was serious, folks. hehe. Anyway, we found this GREAT little restaurant while we were there, that served us the best salmon we had ever ever had (and Amanda had slamon 6 times on the trip). It was perfect, and the crepes (mm, nutella crepes) we had for dessert were amazing too. After 2 days we headed for Paris, where we stayed at the wonderful Ibis hotel in the middle of Nothing Very Important. Our HS librarian had said that's where he stayed when he was in Paris, and we couldn't figure out why...until we saw the buffet breakfast that only cost $3. Mmmm, we definitely swiped some of those pains chocolat! Anyway, we did all the touristy things in Paris, starting, of course, with the Tour D'Eiffel. As we were walking to the line, we saw 4 men running away with some bags (the pickpocket problem there is very bad). Then, we saw one gendarme run after them, maybe 20 feet. He stopped...then picked up a rock and threw it at one of the disappearing thieves, while yelling in french. I turned to Amanda and said, "Well, now that we have seen how effective the police are, we might want to hold onto our things..."
The Tower was neat, and the view was amazing. We then walked the Champs Elysees, singing, of course, Champs Elysees (or at least the 1 line we knew). The shops stay open very late and we had fun shopping (although not buying) and getting dinner. The way we found a place to eat (and this was a standard practice for the whole trip) was walking by the outside menus, stopping at each to say, "too expensive" until we finally (sometimes an hour later) found one we could afford. Which was usually just as good as any would have been! In the next 2 days, we visited the Louvre, the Ile de la Cite, the Ile St-Louis, Notre-Dame, St-Chapelle, the Conciergerie, the Arc de Triomphe, and Versailles. Everything was, of course, amazing. And boy were we tired! But we had lots of fun, including when we got separated in the Metro and ended up going in different directions, and when we walked for an hour to locate a restaurant recommended by Vince, only to discover that it was closed for August! We laugh about it now...
Anyway, when the time came to fly home, we were sad, but also looking forward to time spent in our own comfy beds. :) Nevertheless, I would definitely do it all again!
Maybe next year....
Tags: adventures, calais, dublin, europe, food, france, ireland, paris

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