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in Scotland, we are...

Day 8 cont.:
In York we went to York Minster, a really huge old cathedral, and then wandered all about the streets looking for an ATM (when I asked an english person where the atm was, she said, "um, What's one of those?") we finally found one and found we were in the main part of town, so explored "The Shambles" which is a very cool couple of streets of old buildings, some of which are built so close that they touch at the top, almost. There were open air markets around, as well as street performers. we saw a man juggling knives over a brave volunteer and were suitably impressed.
After the Shambles we found a place to eat, where they charged us 60p for WATER!!! 60p EACH! I was slightly peeved at this. Anyway, then we visited the Jorvik Viking Center (since York used to be Jorvik, a Viking town) and it was one of the best museums yet, because (get this) the whole thing was a RIDE where you got to sit in little cars and they would move and narrate you through a reconstructed viking town. VERY fun. We then went to York Castle Museum, which had reconstructed rooms, barns, dairies, AND 3 whole reconstructed streets (inside the building) with store windows and shops to go in and everything. It was lots of fun, and York gets an A+ from me for good museums. \by then it was time to get on so I located Amanda (we got separated in the little streets and I had to hunt for her) and we headed off to the train. We got to Edinburgh abt. 2.5 hrs later and found our hostel (again close to the center of town) where we dropped our stuff and went in search of food. We went to the Beehive Inn, recc. by our guidebook with 1 $ next to it. It was pretty expensive, but we decided to splurge. I would hate to see how much 4 $$$$ would cost. The food was excellent though. Then we went around a bit and off to sleep (it was late).
Day 9: We decided to sleep in since we were staying here 2 days, and slept till 11 am !! but it was worth it. when we finally got started we searched for food and discovered a little cart where you could get galettes and crepes from (gulp) real french people. I gulp b/c we had trouble communicating with them, so I cant imagine how bad paris and calais will be! but the crepes were good, and then I realized i had to transfer money at my bank, so here we are at the library again! yay free access! and my turn is up so I must go...
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