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Hangin' out with the Dream King; Neil says hi, by the way...

Went to Bailey's Crossroads with nixve tonight for Neil Gaiman's book reading/signing. 'Twas great to hear him read and speak, although since we didn't go very early we were nos. 225 and 226 in the signing line!

But finally he signed our books, and the nice bookstore girl took a picture of Neil shaking my hand - which he did when I told him I was working on the first North American Discworld Convention. He also said he'd be very interested in attending (assuming he could). Wouldn't that be neat? Also I am planning to contact other TP-related folks to see if they might want to be guests.

Whew. Now am tired and need food and hw to be done and BED.
Tags: book signing, convention, nixve, terry pratchett, wonderful neil

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