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FREE internet????

OK, so we are in York, and there was this really old building they are working on, so we went to take a look. It was very cool, St. Leonard's Hospital from 1255ish, and it has no roof anymore, etc, so they are renovating it. but we were also looking for a bathroom, so we went to the library next door, and here we discovered...FREE INTERNET!!! Amazing. so from now on i think we are always going to be visiting the library.
Day 5:
We left London and traveled to Bath. We got there kind of late, though, so we decided to stay some the next day too. We got there late because when we got off at Salisbury we wanted to see Stonehenge. And we were hungry. So I say to amanda, let's find a sandwich place so we can take our food with us and catch the next bus. Next thing I know, we are in a nice little Indian restaurant guaranteed to take over an hour. (Nice manuever, Amanda). Since we were already sitting there, I decided we wouldn't be catching the next bus!
The restaurant was lovely, featuring funny little booths with curtains you could draw, and the food was good. when we did get to stonehenge, we discovered that along with the £5.50 to get the bus, they wanted us to pay £3.30 to get in the fence. and we decided to be cheap. So I stood on the fence and took pictures :) Then we were off again. That night, we went to see the Roman baths, which included the Sacred Spring/King's Bath where some of the water comes up. It was very neat because the water level was down and you could see where it used to be and where the Quality used to sit when they came to "take the waters". We opted not to taste the water for 50p a glass, as it looked (in the pool) rather greenish and stuff. Then we wandered around town and got to Sally Lunn's House, which is The Oldest House in Bath - and has a sign proclaiming this fact. It is also a restaurant which serves the famous 'Sally Lunn Bun' (heehee) so we decided to eat there for dinner. Good choice. The buns are like Brioche and are delish. after that we were pretty tired and went back to our lovely accomodations at the Bath YMCA (we had a SINK in our room!! and a MIRROR!!) Much better than London.
Day 6:
We toured the townhouse of Beau Nash, leading society person of 1600s, which was set up as it would have been then. It was pretty cool, with all the little things like playing cards and (ew) chamberpots, and stuff. We took a walk in the park and saw various and sundry shops as well, before stumbling upon a tiny shop that sold (cheap!) sandwiches. v. yummy, and v. cheap (which is nearly impossible over here). We then headed to Stratford-upon-Avon, which took us FOREVER because we had to wait for the next train and then for a bus, which didn't leave until 9. When we arrived at our hostel (at 10:30pm) they informed us that they couldn't check anyone in after 10 and that we'd have to try a b&b. I told them we had reservations and the (v. rude) woman said 'well, but those don't matter now.' However, another girl intervened and we did end up staying there (as there was really nowhere else to go) in an 8 person coed dorm room that was pretty dirty. Definitely do NOT reccommend the Stratford Backpackers Hostel to anyone!!! But it was the best we could do, so we settled in to sleep amidst the light and noise of 6 other people, 2 of whom were american and were attempting to converse (in Spanish) with the 3 spanish travelers. They weren't very good (but were very loud).
Day 7: (8/4) We started out with a nice little hike to the train station to make sure that we wouldn't have another problem like the first in traveling. Train schedule firmly in hand, we headed off to Shakespeare's Birthplace and Centre, where we toured the house where the Bard was born and raised. We then wandered around to the other places included in our ticket, such as his daughter's house, his other daughter's house (which had an old fashioned doctor's dispensary set up in it....ewww, those forceps they used to use to grab the baby's head were pretty scary), and then Holy Trinity Church where he was buried. After some more galavanting around town (with a stop at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre) we got the train to York, where we arrived in the pouring rain. However, my mood was improved by seeing that our hostel obviously used to be an old townhouse of a wealthy family. There were neat carvings in the ceiling and biiig doorways and fancy front stairs. Very cool, so we explored it before sleeping (we couldn't go far cause it was pouring).
Day 8: Today we decided to do York til 5, when we have to catch the train to Edinburgh, so here we are exploring...and here comes the library lady to kick me off for the next person. So there I go.
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