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1. !!!!! I just met Terry Pratchett and he talked for an hour and he was hilarious and he signed my book and I have pictures and he's awesome. And he was taking questions but everyone else had already asked a bunch and he'd mentioned the UK Discworld Conventions, so I asked him - if we do a Discworld Convention, will you come? And he said yes.

2. WHAT did I just get myself into??? I have just volunteered myself (with an ok from Terry) to try to begin organizing the first American Discworld Convention. Oh. My. God.

I'm psycho. But...Terry says if we do it he will come. SO, ladies and gentlemen, soon I will be putting up more information on possibly organizing the first American Discworld convention, with a way for all who are interested in helping and/or attending to submit info or get in touch. And hopefully some of you will want to volunteer (unless you are a Nobbs, in which case you, like Nobby, will head sharply to the back of the line or possibly another state altogether) to help and donate ideas and more.

"I love Discworld fans; they drink like rugby fans, and fight like chess fans."

P.S. Anyone who's ever been part of organizing a Con, I want to talk to you. Please comment!

ETA: The Discworld Con Comm - nadwcon. Join ussssss.
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