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Damn the Month!

There is one month each year where, in Indiana at least, 2 weeks should just be cut right out of the calendar. I am referring to the 2 weeks in February wherein as soon as one leaves the comfort of one's heated apartment, not only does one's nose freeze, but if one were to spit, that would also freeze, directly to one's lip. I HATE Indiana in February. I swear, I have not been truly warm for about 4 days straight. So this week is shaping up to be just about as productive as last week (read: not very). Yesterday, after harrowing experience finishing 2 papers in time for class, I decided to actually do some hw. Thus, I proceeded to read a whole 45 pages before finally succumbing to the comfort of my bed (yes, it is a wise idea to do homework while on your bed-- it is scientifically proven to result in vivid dreams and stimulation of creative brain cells). Naturally I slept until 9:41, when Michelle called to say, "Do you want to go see a movie?" She knew who to call when looking for a partner in procrastination on a Monday night. Thus I found myself at 10:35 sitting with my friend in a completely empty theater. This was great, 'cause we could just comment on things through the whole movie (Amilie). It was great, btw. Of course, when I finally did get home (after a trip to Denny's) at 2:30, I did not go to sleep immediately, like a good student who has 9:30 class. That would have been too simple. Such is life.
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