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TALENT, people, that's all it takes!

Yes! after hours of diligent searching, have succeeded in finding hotel in Calais for 2 nights at $50 a night!!! (which is a little pricey, but it's a 3 star hotel, whatever that means). Anyway, we are now staying at the "Hotel Metropol" which they describe as a "comfortable, British-style hotel". I think this is rather funny, as Calais is in FRANCE, but hey, who am I to argue with the Hotel Metropol. Also picked up my photos from Yellowstone at Dorn's and found many amusing ones, such as Caleb-in-Size-XXXL-Chef's-Jacket and the Series of Eyes which I took so I could later practice sketching them. We all looked quite scary close up! Am off now to do more trip-related busywork, such as packing (yes, I know I said I was doing that 3 days ago. Shutup!). Ciao.
Tags: europe, paris, summer, yellowstone

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