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Oh the joys...

Oh, the fun that can be had while driving in New Jersey! Today I drove up to Woodbridge to meet Dee and Scott, and as I drove I quickly remembered the difference between driving in NJ and anywhere else: NJ drivers are insane. As I drove, I got to play all the familiar games of the road, such as:

1) Merging Madness, wherein everyone tries to get into one lane at the same time, even though the spot avaiable to drive in is only 1 car-length long, if that.
2) Toll Booth Tag, wherein people randomly cut through 4 lanes because they suddenly remember that, yes, they have the very convenient and also NJ-state-budget-draining technology of EZPass, which is naturally only usable if you go through the booth in Guam (opposite from whichever side of the Parkway you happen to be on).
3) Mall Parking Squeeze Competition, wherein we all try to fit our minivans into compact-tissue-box-sized car parking spaces, extra bonus points being given if we block others from exiting their cars.
4) Sudden Stop: this one is self-explanatory, and can be played at any random time, whenever the driver gets bored and wants to make sure whoever is driving behind them is awake.
5) Random Pull-Out, wherein a car lurking on the right side of the street notices that you are advancing at 50mph on its pullout, decides it's now or never, and pulls out RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, causing you to have to swerve almost into the next lane.
Yes, I actually did make it home in one piece after having played every one of these carefree games, for which I get 50 bonus points added to my score. Not only that, but I sped past not 1, not 2, but 3 police cars and did not get stopped! This gives me another 60 points and puts me into contention for the finals (held at the Indy 500 racetrack).
Ok, so I get a little carried away. But really, when I am away from home I feel compelled to defend the state from slanderers, so when I AM at home I think I have the right to make fun. Especially when it is so easy.
On another note, I got new running shoes!!! Now my feet will no longer look icky and smell like the campfire I dried my sneakers in after hiking 3 miles through the snow and 5 through the mud. Yay!!! Also picked up the latest OLP cd, Gravity. Dashboard Confessional played at the AC yesterday, and Dee filled me in on all the gossip...but I am glad I worked in YNP even if it meant missing great concerts. Still, *sigh* wish I had seen DC. Although Dee said the sound was bad, so I guess I didn't miss that much.
We finally have everything booked for Europe, and I am so excited!!!! And on that note, I go to pack. Au revoir.
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