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Ah, Paris, the City of Lights...

And also the city of no accomodations. Riiight, so i am trying to find a place to stay for 2 days near or in Paris, and yes, there are some hostels available, but i am so tired i can't distinguish between ratings of "superb" and of "dank, dirty, and disgusting" anymore. Or I just don't care to. Whatever, I give up for tonight. Anyway, not only that, but since Amanda didn't book our rail tickets while I was off dancing with grizzly bears and running from elk in Yellowstone, I don't know if we will be able to get the special cheap passes before we leave, as they must be mailed to us. Which also means I must get up at 8:30 tomorrow morning to call eurorail. Wheeee.
Not only that, but I have a feeling of forboding that I am going to be flat broke when I get back from this trip, which means i will have to WORK again...bleh.
Changing the subject completely, I will here include a snippet of conversation with a friend on IM:

"Delaney: My mom and dad went to the fair today and she said she saw a mama llama.
Steve: I am passionate about llamas!!
Delaney: I know, and I know how sad you get when they aren't passionate about you, Steve...."

Yeah, I thought that one was worth posting.
I called Steve "doll" again, and he nearly had a "Christ" heart attack...haha, i love harassing the Stevedore...I think maybe i am inherently evil. It's ok though, cause he called me "kid". Death to Steve.
Am now able to talk to friend Michelle since returning from wilderness, which cheers me greatly. Naturally, as soon as we begin our IM conversation, the age-old tradition of ridiculing a certain hairy aquaintance of ours begins:
"Michelle: he reminds me of chewbacca.
Delaney: except with more hair and less charm."
And that was only the beginning.
Yesterday, to amuse self, went to dinner and a movie with Justin. We went to Friday's, and I ordered a daiquiri, for which the waitress requested ID, which I gladly gave her, as I am now legally 21. She looked at it and said, "This is a duplicate so I can't take it." (B/c i had to get a picture ID after NJ sent my temporary (which looked like it was forged by a 4-year-old) to indiana even though i did not request it). So I give her my school ID, and then she comes back and is like, "i need one with your birthday on it, i'll be back." So of course she disappears for like, an hour, during which I decide I should make CERTAIN she doesn't have to come back again. When she finally returns, I hand her my license, my ID, my SS card, my tips training card, and my birth certificate (in handy card size, thank you District of Columbia). Needless to say, this time when she came back it was with my drink.
Go me.
Well, although this has been supremely unproductive and disjointed, which was, of course, my goal, i think it is now time that I retire to my nice fluffy soft bed and dream of how dad is going to wake me up tomorrow morning by kicking the foot of my bed and insisting that "8:30 isn't EARLY!!" Goodnight.
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