Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

The Saga Continues...

Oops, long hiatus in story...ANYway, so we are hiking, and hiking, and hiking...and we figure out that because of the elevation gain (going up a mountain) we thought we had gone much further than we had, but NOW it is really too late to turn back. We get to Buffalo Meadows, where we see no bison whatsoever but some grouse, who have a mating call like a lawn mower. (Very LOUD) We lose the trail (oh boy!) but find it again by wandering around in circles...then we get to a mountain ridge, where we again lose the trail (and see an elk). This time we have to go straight down in order to find our way, and finally we do and determine that we are only *gasp* 3 mi from the road!! Of course, by now it is getting dark. So we get to a fork in the path, and take the 2.5 mile way back to the road...
And there we are, hiking along, when suddenly Dana stops. I say, "what is it?" and she whispers, "BEAR". Yes, folks, there was a grizzly bear sitting right on our path. So Amber says, ok, we either go back 12 miles or go back and take the other fork...so we take the other fork, saying, ah, it's only another 1.5 miles. Once again, Dana stops. I say, What? she says, Lots of bears! I squint into the growing darkness and determine that they are not bears, but a herd of bison, and the center of the herd is, guess where? directly on our path. Indeed this hike is a barrel of fun! Amber says, well, i guess we will have to go back. Ha. I for one am not looking forward to camping in the backcountry of Yellowstone minus all camping equipment except for 2 small flashlights. So I say, no, we should cut through the backcountry to the other path, coming up behind the bear...and this is what we finally do, despite Amber's p[rotestations that it is not wise to leave the path with 20 minutes until total dark. After climbing over about a million downed lodgepole pines, we finally found the other path and eventually made it back to the road, clapping and singing the whole way, in order to scare the darn bears. Once there we immediately hitched a ride back to Cindy's truck with some very confused Japanese tourists who graciously turned around to take us there....as we left the car, a coyote ran by Cindy's truck. It was at that point that I began to believe that animals are bad luck.
Tags: adventures, animals, hiking, yellowstone

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