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WHEW - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
yeah, so a couple of days ago i went with some friends to do a 4 mile nice little loop hike to Mystic Falls near Biscuit Basin and Old Faithful. We started at 3 cause it wouldnt be a long hike. Riiiight. So it's me, Dana (my roomie here) and Amber and Cindy (cindy, btw, is about 40). So we are hiking our little butts up the mountain, and we get to a fork about 1.5 miles into it. Amber and Cindy are way behind, so me and Dana are like, ok we are taking the straight fork, and we keep going. so we go, and go, and we dont know where they are (way behind, is all we knew). So we are going through bogs and streams and stuff, out in the middle of nowhere, and we run into a couple of guys coming back. And they say, they have no clue where the path goes but they need to get home for food. (by now we know we are on the wrong trail) so we turn around with them, and here come Amber and Cindy, who are pissed b/c they were trying to catch up to tell us we were on the wrong path. so we look at a map and think we are about half way on the 15 mile trail that we accidentally ended up on. So we figure, we might as well finish it. I say, "well, it will take the same amount of time either way..."
Famous Last Words...
(to be continued)

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