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If - A Two Letter Word for Futility

Ok, so IF I had gotten up earlier this morning...
*sigh* I am such a lazy arse. But I figure I owe myself for all the junk I have been so productive at lately. Yeah!

I have neglected this journal for a few days. Bad me. Got home late late Monday night, after spending time with Dad's parents and Mom's mom. Funny thing: Have told both grandmothers in the past that chicken, homemade noodles, and mashed potatoes is my fav. dish that they make. So of course, when lunch at comes around at the W house, what do we get? yep yep. It was naturally the cause of much rejoicing for me. Next day, off to the Jester farm (mom's mom) to eat....you guessed it. more of the same! hehehe. Those competing grandmothers! I love it, I get my fav. food twice. mmmm.

Slept for a nice night-and-day after arriving in the good ol' Del in Jersey, then got to work unpacking poor car, which had been groaning under weight of my entire life for way 3 days. Have been trying to sort all belongings into groups of "go to yellowstone" "go to europe" and "go to basement never to be seen until next schoolyear" stuff. Am so far getting rather discouraged, as did not realize quite how much STUFF i have. Have called various friends to inform them that glorious ME is home ;) hehe. Called ex-boyfriend who hounded me for TWO WEEKS on IM to make sure I'd call him when home. Left message last night on cell phone...have not heard from him yet. Am considering beaning him when I do, as do not like being annoyed for two weeks and then ignored. hmph!

Off to Radiologists office tomorrow for chest xray to see if fractured ribs occurred after bike accident. Radiologists...just the word makes me think I will be glowing when I come out. *shudder* ah well. Must go back to humdrum packing/unpacking ritual. Yah...
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