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A Little Less Work, Please...

A few additions to Michelle's list of Ways to Procrastinate:

1) Decide that you really, right this second, need to reorganize your drawers even though you are leaving apt. in 3 days.
2) realized that, although your TV is now at a friend's house and all your VHS movies are useless, you do have The Fellowship of The Ring on a CD and can watch on your computer!
3) Take the posters off your walls in a pretense of "packing" for the trip home.
4) Search online for the crack to Adobe Photoshop, only giving up after you realize that every one you find has instructions in a language you don't know.
5) Try to translate instructions anyway.
6) Play with refridgerator word magnets (see entry below).
7) While taking fencing foils off of wall where they have hung, untouched, for most of year, decide you must practice your 'en garde' immediately.
8) braid hair for no reason at all.
9) read entire Far Side flip calendar in one go.
10) Read friends' LiveJournals...
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