October 18th, 2013

Twilight this is fly

A Knight's Tale Livetweet

You know when you get a new electronic toy, and you just want to explore all of its features, and sometimes you get carried away? Well, that's what happened with me and my new DVR cable box. Which is how I ended up setting it to record a whole bunch of sort of random stuff just on a whim because it was there.

You know how sometimes you drink wine after a long day at work? Well, that happened too. Which is how I ended up watching A Knight's Tale on DVR last night... And livetweeting it.

And it was fun, and Twitter was good-natured enough to play along, and at least one person was sad to have missed it:

RT @SusanneWhite: One of those times I am sad about the time difference. I have woken to the amazing @foresthouse livetweeting A Knight's Tale.

@foresthouse: Yes, thanks to a combination of spontaneous wine and DVR, I did in fact #livetweet #AKnightsTale last night. And it was glorious? Maybe? :P

RT @ghostwritingcow: @foresthouse Definitely.

So as a public service for those of you who might have missed it, here is the livetweet in all its glory. Enjoy?

A Livefeed In One Act; Or, I May Regret This Tomorrow:

@foresthouse: A Knight's Tale is the most anachronistic movie in the entire universe.

@foresthouse: But we will rock you so it's all okay. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Plus there's @alan_tudyk (and Heath Ledger, RIP). #AKnightsTale

RT @redheadedgirl: @foresthouse By which you mean THE MOST AWESOME.

RT @MikeSHenderson: @foresthouse I love it because it never pretended not to be.

RT @brainwise: @foresthouse And it's SO MUCH FUN

RT @count_01: @foresthouse The boys are indeed, back in town.

RT @QuesterMark: @foresthouse That’s most of why it’s fun! But he picks the wrong girl. #shouldhavechosentheblacksmith

RT @curryalley: @foresthouse I love it like candy. Chaucer paired with David Bowie music? YES.

@foresthouse: I love how many of you love this movie. #AKnightsTale :P

RT @cue_face_palm: @foresthouse It is amazing, yes. :)

@foresthouse: LOW RIDER. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: OH AND HERE'S CHAUCER. #AKnightsTale He'll rock you for effin' sure.


@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm: @foresthouse He's honestly one of my favorite characters of the movie

YEP. RT @curryalley: @foresthouse This was also the movie everyone fell in love with Paul Bettany.

@foresthouse: PS @alan_tudyk is made of awesome. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: YOUR ENTRAILS WILL BECOME YOUR EXTRAILS. #AKnightsTale @alan_tudyk

@foresthouse: This movie is the most ridiculous thing ever.

RT @midgetinvasion: @foresthouse in all the right ways.

RT @cue_face_palm: @foresthouse ...not more ridiculous than 666 Park Ave...

@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm In fairness, I've never seen that, But I have read upwards of 20 books on the era of knighthood. O_o

YEP. "@cue_face_palm: @foresthouse So you're like I am with the Ancien Regime/Grande Siecle of France. Gotcha. :)”

RT @LJmysticowl: @foresthouse are you watching it with commentary on? It's the best.

@foresthouse: @LJmysticowl Haha, sadly, no. TV.

@foresthouse: @LJmysticowl I need to experience the commentary, don't I? Is it stuff like, "And this medieval gown was designed by Dior."?

RT @LJmysticowl: @foresthouse No, it's Paul Bettany and Brian Helgeland being absolutely brilliant for 2 hours

@foresthouse: @LJmysticowl OMG!

@foresthouse: HELLO BLACKSMITH. #AKnightsTale

YES "@ghostwritingcow: @QuesterMark @foresthouse He totally should have chosen the blacksmith. She grows up to be a meth mogul, after all!”

RT @count_01: @foresthouse Smart, strong, good with her hands, pragmatic, and delicious. Only a man already in love would even look at another woman.

@foresthouse: @count_01 If I was a dude I'd go for her. :P

@foresthouse: HELLO RUFUS SEWELL.


@foresthouse: "The seeker of Serenity." Wait...Wash? Is that you? #AKnightsTale #Firefly

@foresthouse: Now I just want to watch #Firefly again. @alan_tudyk #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: "You may feel like a poet but you sound like an idiot." YEP. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Jocelyn's wearing the latest fashions from the 21st century. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Aaaaaand Rufus Sewell looks at his tiny metal fist.

RT @curryalley: @foresthouse is #livetweetingwaytoolate A Knight's Tale and that last RT was hilarious out of context.

@foresthouse: @curryalley Sorry. There may be wine involved. Um. :P

@foresthouse: @curryalley It was so DRAMATIC, you know. #tinymetalfist

@curryalley: @foresthouse Don't apologize! I loled hard! And wine? DON'T YOU HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW? :)

@foresthouse: @curryalley Weeeelllll yep. O_o

RT @curryalley: @foresthouse Heeee.

@foresthouse: @curryalley :P *hangs head* ... *a little*

@foresthouse: Don't they all do a synchronized dance at some point? I seem to remember that.

RT @midgetinvasion: @foresthouse it's the traditional dance from his home country. Lol.

@foresthouse: "Jocelyn! You look...a little bit punk?" #AppropriateFashions #AKnightsTale #anachronismswheeee!

@foresthouse: The native dance of wherever-the-hell-he's-from is groovetastic, and Rufus Sewell is piiiisssssed. #AKnightsTale

RT @cue_face_palm: @foresthouse He has bad taste, then, because who can hate anything to do with Bowie?

@foresthouse: @cue_face_palm WORD. But I do love him in Dangerous Beauty.

@foresthouse: Awwww. He's all Nike and shit. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: "It's called a lance. Helloooooo." I <3 you, @alan_tudyk #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Ohhhhh, now they're getting all poetic and weepy. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: And @alan_tudyk is wearing a pink robe. And just kissed Heath Ledger. And now Heath's doing ballet leaps. #AKnightsTale

RT @Anicanyc: @foresthouse Love #AKnightsTale, it's one of my guilty pleasure movies!

@foresthouse: @Anicanyc It makes me laugh almost as much as #Equilibrium. :P

RT @Anicanyc: @foresthouse Ha, yes - good one! #AKnightsTale breakout into song + dance always cracks me up.

@foresthouse: @Anicanyc For real. I may even have slapped my knee, :P

@foresthouse: Let's not forget Jesus was English. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: They're about to make out in a cathedral, y'all! #score!

@foresthouse: What is wrong with me? I'm sorry for the live tweets. Maybe. It's the wine. Also, the movie. #AKnightsTale :P

@foresthouse: Jocelyn is so punk rock. It's outrageous. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: LOSE FOR ME, BABY. THAT'S TRUE LOVE. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: All the people betting on him are gonna be piiiiiiiissed. And probably take him out behind the shed after.

@foresthouse: She's totally getting off on this. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Seriously, you guys. Jocelyn's super annoying.

RT @lilyhandmaiden: @foresthouse Guinevere does this to Lancelot in a 12th-century romance. In the game of courtly love, you lose or you lose.

@foresthouse: @lilyhandmaiden It's hilariously awful.

@foresthouse: It's romancin' tiiiime. Oh wait, it's over pretty quick because Will is almost dead from losing. SEXY.

@foresthouse: Love how dude just sends his son off forever.

@foresthouse: "Follow your feet" LOOOOOL WTF. Oh hey, rock music and world championships. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN. Is there a sillier movie than this? Anywhere? No, really. #AKnightsTale

RT @count_01: @foresthouse Hilariously, London would never have been site of a "world championship" for jousting. Rouen, Poitiers maybe Brussels or Bruge

RT @Anicanyc: @foresthouse Is it on tv now? Cause now I need to see it again.

@foresthouse: @Anicanyc I confess I DVR'd it. Possibly in a moment of weakness. Which is also why I'm watching it. Haaaaaa. Well that and the wine. :P

@Anicanyc: @foresthouse Hey, I'm having a fun time remembering via your tweets :)” Haha yay.

@foresthouse: OMGGGG Rufus Sewell is awwwwwful. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Oooh, here comes the heroic walk. And @alan_tudyk is wearing hilarious chaps. Nice.

@foresthouse: The blacksmith's up there with her hammers, awwwwwww.

@foresthouse: Awwww, it's the prince! It was a bromance all along, you guys. Jocelyn was just there for the hairstyles. :P #AKnightsTale

@cue_face_palm: @foresthouse I'm totally cool with that” RIIIIGHT?

RT @midgetinvasion: @foresthouse I'll be in my bunk.

@foresthouse: YOU'RE A SIR NOW, WE CAN HANG OUT. #AKnightsTale #bromance


@foresthouse: Rufus Sewell's all, WHO'S DICK IS BIGGER *NOW*, SIR?


RT @Anicanyc: @foresthouse Let's start a band called "Tiny Fist"

@foresthouse: @Anicanyc I will play bass. :D

RT @Anicanyc: @foresthouse I'll play drums & dance!

@foresthouse: @Anicanyc Deal!

@foresthouse: GO KICK SOME ASS, DUDE. GO ON THEN. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Did he just shout his own name? #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: LOOOOOOOOL.


@foresthouse: @count_01 That would have been better. It was just WILLIAAAAAAM.

@foresthouse: And Jocelyn's got, like, ribbon highlights in her hair, or something. #winning?

@foresthouse: Aaaaand that's all they wrote, folks. I should probably, like, go to bed and stuff. ...After "we are the champions" finishes. #AKnightsTale

@foresthouse: Thanks for tweeting along, lovelies. I know I'm ridiculous. :D

@foresthouse: ...But so is this movie. #AKnightsTale :P